The Committee Develops and Carries

The Deputy Secretary of Defense established the following policies for Many Parts of This
The Department of Defense will use the global metric system in All its actions consistent
With operational, economic, technical, and security concerns.
Effective immediately, the international metric system will be considered in the procurement of
Services and supplies and especially at the design of new material. It’ll Be utilized when determined to maintain

On December 8, 1975,” Metric Bill S-100 was passed from the U.S. Senate and signed into law (PL 94-168)
From the President on December 23, 1975 (Ref. 5). This legislation declares that it is the coverage of the U.S. to coordinate
And plan the increasing use of the metric system at the U.S., and also the law determines the United States
Metric Board (USMB) to organize voluntary conversion to the metric system. This board includes
Seventeen members representing scientists, engineers, producers, trade, labor, the States, little
The organization, building, standards are making organizations, teachers, consumers, and other pursuits.
Even Though the board doesn’t have mandatory powers, It’s engaged in very significant activities that may strongly
Affect the course of metrication from the U.S. The committee develops and carries out an extensive program of
Preparation, coordination, and public schooling. Some of the most important tasks of this board are:
The planning of a report to be filed in 1 year on the Congress along with the President. This report
Will make recommendations about the need for and execution of a structural mechanism for converting
The components used in statutes, regulations, and other legislation at all levels of Government.
The submission of annual reports on the Congress along with the President about the status of metrication and
Advocating legislation or executive actions required to execute programs approved by the board. and for notation conversion visit