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Seven Ways to Slash Compressed Air Costs

If you are looking for ways to cut your compressed air energy usage and costs…here are seven very effective and relatively easy steps you can take to bring more profit to the bottom line.

1.  Find and fix your air leaks

A small leak – no larger than 1/16″ can cost an extra $523 a year.* Add a few other small leaks here and there until you have leakage equal to a 1/4″ opening…that can cost you over $8,000 a year.*

It is easy to see that what seems like a small leak comes with a very high price tag over time.

*Costs calculated using electricity rate of $0.05 per kilowatt-hour convert kilowatts to horsepower, assuming constant operation and an efficient compressor.

2. Lower Air Pressure

A 2 psig change in pressure equals 1% change in horsepower.

Check to see what CFM your equipment actually needs to run efficiently and adjust your pressure to save energy yet still provide the CFM required.

3. Use Synthetic Air Compressor Oil and you can reduce AMP draw an average of 8%.

4. Turn off your air compressor when it is not in use.

This seems pretty obvious…but not often followed in many cases.  When your air compressor is not running – you will be saving energy!

5. Eliminate any compressed air flow restriction

Make sure your air line filters are clean.

Make sure your piping is not too small.


This prevents wasting compressed air

7. Keep compressor inlet filter clean