how to create kahoot

How to Create Kahoot

Kahoot is a well-known online platform that makes it very easy to create interactive quizzes for your pupils, for your students, or for any type of learner. If you want to create a live quiz and offer it as a game to your students, Kahoot is undoubtedly a good option.

Like other tools for creating live quizzes, Kahoot is based on a fairly simple principle. You create a quiz with a series of questions and for each of four possible answers. All participants play at the same time and live, each equipped with a computer, tablet, or smartphone while the questions appear on the screen in the room. If you want to know more information about kahoot click here.

You can set the response time and participants can see the live results which allow you to see the evolution of the ranking in real-time. Guaranteed atmosphere.

Kahoot makes it very easy to create quizzes

Using Kahoot is a child’s play. The application is a model of ergonomics and the handling is really intuitive. You can create two types of games.

A classic quiz that offers to choose a correct answer among several proposals.
A more original “Jumble” game that will challenge your students to put the elements of an answer in the right order.

You can content yourself with questions in the form of texts, but you can also associate sounds or images with them. Note that you also have access to the thousands of quizzes created by other Kahoot users. You can use them as is or modify them as you see fit.

Quick and Easy to Use

A video projector and connected computers, tablets, and smartphones are the equipment necessary to use Kahoot! It is not anything but you can also form teams if the material is lacking. It can even add extra interest to make your students think as a team.

Access to your quiz on Kahoot does not require your students to create an account. All they need to do is go to the application and enter a PIN code which will be provided to you by the site when you create your quiz. They will simply be asked for their first name or the name of their team to display the results.

Kahoot actually only suffers from a small defect: its interface is in English. Basic English and you are helped by large colored icons that are easy to interpret but we would love to be able to benefit from a French version.

In the meantime, Kahoot is a real success.

Whether it is to check the achievements of your students, punctuate learning phases, or inject gamification into your lessons, Kahoot remains a good option.

Using Kahoot! is free for its basic functions. A premium version at 1 EUR per month offers interesting additional functions if you come to use the tool with a certain regularity.