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Education is necessary in every way

He started a new school year, the same challenges as always the nation’s education sector; improving the quality of apprenticeships, as well as conducting a national census of teaching staff with reach to public, semi-official and private centers.

Knowing the main problems of our education system that the population knows and says it by heart as : most students receive public education, which is characterized by a low level of instruction, very low effective teaching hours, low level of teacher training, and inadequate facilities for teaching.

It should be noted that education not only in our country education is the best tool for the integral development of our children and youth that over the years has meant a source of knowledge for millions of young people around the world. Most countries understand their benefit, but they don’t apply it the right way. Finding a way to develop a country is difficult and mistakes are made, but education is the main tool that should not be forgotten to succeed.

Education is necessary in every way. To achieve better levels of social welfare and economic growth; to level economic and social inequalities; to promote people’s social mobility; to access better levels of employment; to raise the cultural conditions of the population; to expand young people’s opportunities; to invigorate civic and lay values that strengthen the relationships of societies; for democratic advancement and strengthening of the rule of law; boosting science, technology and innovation.

In modern economies, knowledge has become one of the most important factors in production. The societies that have made the most progress in economic and social are those that have managed to cement their progress in knowledge, both that is transmitted with schooling, and that generated through research. Economic productivity and competitiveness, as well as much of the social and cultural development of nations, are increasingly dependent on education, science and technological innovation.

As a nation it is best to bet on education, it is a long-term plan but it will be 100% effective, since education is the only tool capable of achieving fairer, more productive and equitable societies. It is a social good that makes human beings freer.